about us en Alamaan May 10, 2024

Company Overview

“Al Amaan Al Mutahida Co. Ltd.”  is a leader in security and defense fields, electronic security solutions, artificial intelligence, and internet of things. Our professional staff workers and engineers work nonstop to provide integrated solutions for projects of any size. We started the struggle story since 2003, and our company was officially registered with a capital of one billion Iraqi dinars.
Licensed by the CMC. Also, we have Premium membership from Baghdad Chamber of Commerce. We have implemented many projects with our partners from major international companies in the fields of security and defense, and our cooperation with major research and development centers, universities, and reputable scientific institutions since the establishment. We are the first Iraqi company to be a member of the “Security Professionals Association (SPA)” in the Middle East. With our rich experience and deep understanding of the requirements, the challenges faced by the security situation which customers need, and our many patents, all of this put us in the first positions and contributed in enhancing our aspirations and goals of classifying Iraq among the safest countries in the world. Our company has the Quality Management Systems Certificate (ISO-9001) from the International Organization for Standardization, where we met all the requirements and conditions of the quality management system and the accuracy of our all services according to international standards.


The use of our company’s products and solutions has led to a positive and tangible change for our customers, and we have many events and success stories that we are proud of, one of our solutions helped in arresting a suspect through the Portable artificial intelligence Smart Camera to identify suspects and wanted persons in fractions of a second. Regarding the military field, the military units that use our products have been able to monitor at night, and treat targets with ease through the clear vision of thermal and laser surveillance cameras, the thermal handheld scopes, and rifle scopes. Our tracking devices were also able to locate a missed person he used our GPS device within a short period after his kidnapping, and the security forces managed to reach him and release him from the kidnappers. Also, many successes that make us proud of our customers’ trust because they feel safe and confident of using Al Amaan Al Mutahida Co. Ltd solutions and products. It is our pride that victory is achieved to preserve the land and people of Iraq and the heroes of our armed forces and security services through the use of our advanced products and services.