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“Al Amaan Al Mutahida Co.” is a leader in security and defense fields, electronic security solutions, artificial intelligence, and internet of things. Our professional staff workers and engineers work nonstop to provide integrated solutions for projects of any size. We started the struggle story since 2003, and our company was officially registered with a capital of one billion Iraqi dinars. Also, we have Premium membership from Baghdad Chamber of Commerce. We have implemented many projects with our partners from major international companies in the fields of security and defense, and our cooperation with major research and development centers, universities, and reputable scientific institutions since the establishment. We are the first Iraqi company to be a member of the “Security Professionals Association (SPA)” in the Middle East. With our rich experience and deep understanding of the requirements, the challenges faced by the security situation which customers need, and our many patents, all of this put us in the first positions and contributed in enhancing our aspirations and goals of classifying Iraq among the safest countries in the world. Our company has the Quality Management Systems Certificate (ISO-9001) from the International Organization for Standardization, where we met all the requirements and conditions of the quality management system and the accuracy of our all services according to international standards.
Developing innovative solutions that contribute in strengthening the security and defense sectors, people protection, and redefining Iraq’s position to be among the first countries in the world in the field of security manufacturing and protection systems through using high-end technology and artificial intelligence techniques.
Our ambitious staff seeks to provide a better life for the Iraqi people by creating high value solutions and products with international specifications and competitive.
Because we are a company that holds several certificates
We are still keeping pace and monitoring with every innovation that is born in this spacious world. Since the establishment of the company, which has been keen to provide everything that would serve the security and safety of humans, as this is our first and last goal. We provide our solutions and products through specialized exhibitions in Iraq and the world, sharing knowledge and science with our partners from major universities, research centers, and specialized companies to supply our partners inside the country with all global developments in our field of specialization
Our team has effective communication skills and the ability to develop appropriate solutions and proposals, and committed to the discipline to achieve the common goal, with a maintenance team working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and our main focus is on customer service and comfort. Our rich experience and deep understanding of the security situation requirements and challenges needed by clients, security guards, soldiers and police in the line of duty, along with extensive capacity for research and development, give us the expertise and ability to successfully design, develop and deliver solutions. We share the passion to lead the thought. We pride ourselves on crafting better and smarter solutions across the range that enhance convenience and confidence
Al Amaan Al Mutahida Co. owns dozens of industrial model certificates and patents that officially registered in (the Ministry of Planning – Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control – Industrial Property Department) and it is the only one in the private sector to have these rights. We have a lot of ideas and solutions that will be registered soon to facilitate the life of people and ensure more safety
Our company has a clear imprint in scientific forums, where it won many local and international awards from several continents, like best patent in Moscow – Russia 2019″. The name of our company is never forgotten in scientific forums, competitions, specialized international events, and exhibitions annually in Canada, India, China, Germany, America, France, Japan. Turkey, Egypt, Macau, Taiwan, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Macedonia, Russia, Ukraine, Korea, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Lebanon, Egypt, India. We have received many certificates of excellence and awards for our innovative inventions, dozens of which have been registered, the most recent one was participating in the “Global Innovation Exhibition and Competition” in Silicon Valley in California, USA.
Al Amaan AlMutahida Military equipment specialist
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Our company provides all security and military advice

Military and Security Solutions

Thermal night and day vision cameras and goggles

Protection from eavesdropping and personal security

Detection systems for surveillance and eavesdropping devices Recording jamming system and microphones

Security and protection systems

Smart cameras with artificial intelligence and video analysis Early warning and intrusion protection Inspection systems for people, baggage and vehicles