ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM Alamaan October 26, 2022
All of our devices and solutions we offer facilitate the process of employees follow-up, and it is one of the things that the administration seeks to implement to ensure high quality at work. Through our systems, you will be able to protect yourself and your co-workers, and be proactive in fractions of a second of recognizing and identifying the people who show epidemic symptoms before they enter by faces recognition, detecting temperatures, and reviewing some of the apparent symptoms that the system has already been programmed for. As well as, warning for not wearing a mask and other features. Main features: Register the data of a person to be authorized to pass by using biometrics; such as facial, fingerprint, or issuing: secret code, QR code, a smart card and encrypting data on it. Identify the permissions of entry or exit, or both, and determine the daily times for these according to group or individual shifts, and the permissions start and end dates. Measure people's temperature, and detect not wearing masks (optional feature). Manage visitors by issuing a QR and scheduling the visit. Ease of linking the integrated control devices with the gates through the network connection to send the data and permissions of those allowed to cross to the integrated databases in the gates.